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I recently took a personality test here. It scored me very low in agreeableness. This makes me ponder over my usual behaviour. In fact, any behaviour is shaped by its environment. And in my case, I subconsciously sense my environment and react in a predetermined pattern. This predetermined pattern has evolved over the period of the time unknowingly and affects my agreeableness.

I have a habit of observing people. My observation is so impartial that I don't even take any emotion into my account even while observing my father. More I spend time with people in person, the higher the degree of observation.

When I observe impartially without emotions, I find the dichotomy between their actions and intentions. This makes me angry and I ask them directly irrespective of time. I know many people have been offended by me and many communicated the same either directly or indirectly.

This whole behaviour of me created a gap in my closer circle like family, friends etc. Anyway, what is the point of this story? I disagree more when I observe more. Think of the same scenario against me, I would never agree when someone points at me saying 'you are a hypocrite and your thoughts, speech and actions are not always equal'.Those people whom I criticize a lot responded only love and affection to me.

After all, we are humans with emotions, chaos, disorder, dichotomy, hypocrisy etc. It is these traits that fuel our evolution. We can't be rational all the time. If so what is the difference between humans and robots?

Change happens from the environment and not from a single human. Deep down we all think we are a perfectionist which is nearly impossible because it is the most subjective thing I have ever seen. Let us be reasonable instead of rational like robots.

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