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Business is a puzzle that needs to be solved

This statement has more underlying business principles than you could imagine.

Let's break the part into simple steps

There is a tree

We need to cut down a tree

That's the main objective

So therefore we straightaway go and cut the tree

Sound's simple right?

Absolutely not? Because reality happens to be the result of many factors.

Factors can be (to name a few)

1)What kind of tree? i.e. we can't put bamboo and teak on the same plate

2)What tool are we going to use? The tool depends on the tree

3) Is the tool updated? we can't go with a simple axe in our hand when others are playing with titanium :))

4)Is the tool effectively meet our needs? We can't use rusted iron even though it's iron

5)How many people do we need to finish this task?

These factors are the small slice of a single pie. When it comes to real-world business, these factors are constantly changing and problems are more dynamic than static.

How do we tackle them? Does that mean we need to quit if the problem comes? No right?

Nature treats us like a contestant solving a puzzle.

Here the problems are visible and straight but solutions are abstract and hidden. Probably Nature's way of talent acquisition.

We can comfortably say that problems and solutions are like twin birth where one is visible and the other is not

"For every problem, there will be the equal and opposite solution" because that's how nature is configured.

These solutions are hidden in the form of DATA. We need to collect these before even start solving the problem.

We need to structure it to get information out of it

Based on this information, we need to fit our problem and think our information from a different perspective. There will be at least one insight from our information that fits our problem. And this happens to be our Solution. Et voila!

In this competitive environment, we need to run our business day to day and do this difficult task of data analysis.

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