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Business is not a skill by itself

I usually wonder what MBA teaches to a student. How can we become 'Masters in Business' since all businesses can't be confined to a single program or course! Later I realized that it is Master of Business Administration and not business itself.

The administration is basically a structure that follows certain rules and regulations. When you do MBA you get exposed to these structures and you will learn some methodologies to make sure the structure doesn't get rotten.

MBA's exists for established business and not for establishing a business

How can we learn Business?

Only skills can be learned. But business is not a skill rather a pool of skills. These skills are only learned only by doing. We do. We fail. We learn. We iterate. We refine. We excel.

But doing just for the sake of learning by doing will land you nowhere. You need to have some guiding principles and strong observation of the human behaviours while doing. This is what makes it 'doing with consciousness'.

Always factor in the 'luck' factor while doing anything in your life. Luck is an essential element for the short run and skill is essential in the long run. Business is a long run composed of many short runs.

You make your own luck

Basically, luck keeps you grounded.Luck is like hitting the arrow at the target.Nothing can be done to hit the target at the first time.But one thing is for sure when you increase the number of shooting,your chances of hitting the target will be high. So you can't control the luck directly but increase its chances.

'Luck' will ask you what you do when I open the door , the best answer would be 'Skill'.When the luck ends skill starts.

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