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Comparison of Pure Product Offer and Hybrid offers

For the purpose of proving, I factored in just one variable that is 'CREDIT'

For example,

Credit = 60 days

No of days to sell 10 quantities = 20 days implies a single qty takes 2 days to sell

Maximum Possible Cycles = Purchase - Hold - Sell - Purchase again = 60/20 = 3 cycles

Carefully look at the following information in the picture

Pure Product - Single bill comes with 20 qty

Hybrid - Single bill comes with 13 qty and cash in hand

Less Quantities = Less Inventory Cost = More Cycles = More Profit

At the end of the 60th day,

Pure Product Offer - 2 Bills with 10 quantities in hand + 1.5 cycles

Hybrid - 3 bills with 9 quantities in hand + 2.3 cycles

Profit of Hybrid > Profit Pure Product Offer

This can further be proven by factoring in inventory cost, labour cost, Tax saving etc

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