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Compounding Rules

Everything you do starts Compounding. Compounding accumulates and grows on top of accumulation.

It is counterintuitive because we can't notice the change visibly. Almost everything we see around can be assumed as a result of Compounding. It is not only the money that compounds as we are taught to be.

Take, for example, our body, we never saw the growth through our naked eye from childhood, but we have grown. Likewise, Diabetes, Blood pressure, and what not?. What we do regularly slowly accumulate over time and evolves into what we see today.

This is where habits come into play. If we accumulate good ones and give them time - good things develop and the same for bad ones. Since we can't feel the changes instantly, we tend to underestimate them. That's why they say.

'The best thing you can do to compounding is not disturbing it.'

Geographically all the structures are formed by an evolutionary process. All the cultures we see around us and the belief systems have a history of compounding, and we are experiencing the output of those processes here.

The beautiful thing about compounding is that it is continuous and happens all the time, and at the same time, any disturbance we give will change its course.

The problems we issue - body, cultural, political, environment, etc. have numerous compounding processes. If we can try seeing these things through this lens - we solve half of the problem.

Compounding or Evolution gives us some patterns, and this pattern gives us Science and Art. We can leverage these patterns and turn the course of history.

Nuclear technology for World Wars is curing cancer now.

Defense communication is the Internet now.

The Turing machine for decryption is Computer now.

Aircraft are made initially to drop bombs, but they carry passengers now.

Treating soldiers during a war is the medical field now.

Finding a girlfriend is Facebook now.

A Ph.D. project is Google now.

Railway systems in India are made initially to fasten the plunder of wealth by the British.

Identifying an enemy from above the earth is GPS now.

Aryan Invasion Theory created Hitler.

These are some counterintuitive patterns and change our perspective toward many things.

Observe patterns!

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