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Data structures from scratch- Bot-up series #2

What computer needs? Binary

How do we actually instruct the computer?

Through programming languages So somewhere it gets converted into binary. Basically, machine code(0 and 1) is like a mother tongue to CPU’s whereas programming languages such as C, C++ etc are a foreign language to CPU’s

To convert this we need a translator

Take an analogy, Suppose there is a greek book(Foreign language to me). I need this book in my mother tongue. Two possible ways are there

1)Somebody already translated the whole book and published →Compiler 2)Or else I need to look for a translator who knows greek →Interpreter

For the former, I get the new book in my language, so I can use it anytime I want

For the latter, I need to have an original greek book every time I sit with a translator

C, C++ are examples of compiled programs Python is one good example of an interpreted language.

Stay tuned for the next part — Data and its Structure

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