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Data structures from scratch- Bot-up series #3

Computers = storage and operation

What do we store or Where do we do operations? Data Data can be anything like numbers, boolean, audio, images etc

Why data? We are instructing computers to do certain things by giving data as input.

How do we store it? Welcome to the data structure Data structure = way of storing and organising data

In a crude sense, Data structures are containers and data are stored in it

Why data structures?

Take an example, suppose we need a square rod made out of iron. Iron naturally available as ores →We can’t straight away load ores into machines. We need to do some processes before loading →Same with the case of Data.That preparation we are doing is called Data structures!

Think of ‘structures’ in ‘data structures’ as the same as civil structures like buildings, offices, houses etc

What do we actually do?

We build them based on requirements and available space and time. Same with Data structures because we build it based on requirements, storage availability and time taken to get the intended result.

Recap: Data = anything Data Structure = How do we store it based on requirements

Stay tuned for the next part — Prerequisites for data structures

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