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Entire Mahabharatha is a value battle

When you observe Mahabharatha story, it is just an evolution of new values and order. At first values and order revolve around Bhishma. Then Shakuni takes over. At last, Krishna evolves.

So Mahabharatha essentially is transition from Bhishma to Krishna through Shakuni

Alert: If you are from the school of thought that Krishna does everything because he is the God. Then this article is not meant for you. I think this thought reduces the whole epic into just a God tale.

I personally believe this is an injustice to the Mahabharata we have been doing for many years.

We will analyse some aspects of this epic. Throughout the story, Bhishma presence is inevitable. Eventually, Shakuni changes the course of history. Bhishma couldn't stop this and then Krishna arrives in style.

Have this mental model in your mind while reading this story,

Bhishma - old values and order

Shakuni - transition values and order

Krishna - evolved values and order

Every society replaces old values and order organically. This is an evolutionary process and takes time.

What propels this evolution?

The simple answer would be Problems. Always have this thumb rule,

Problems emerge faster than Solutions.

Any value system creates a 'seen' solution and the 'unseen' problem. Take the case of Bhishma, he renounced his throne for a particular problem(i.e Satyavati's insecurities about the fate of her unborn progenies).

Seen Solution - Renouncement of the throne
Unseen Problem - not even considering the fact whether Satyavati's children would make good rulers

Till the end of the war, Bhishma had pride in this decision because he firmly believed he solved the problem. But in reality, the unseen problem created by this decision haunted him in the name of Shakuni.

When you see Shakuni character, his decisions are purely based on the leverage of unseen problems. He creates temporary value systems in place and counters Bhishma's decisions. Bhishma values couldn't even face Shakuni counters. The height of this fact can be felt on gambling day. Shakuni values are dynamic and fast-paced whereas Bhishma's are static and slow.

Bhishma = No matter what happens his values shouldn't be compromised
Shakuni = Whatever it takes to exploit the above value, he will do

Then Krishna arrived and Shakuni monopoly was shattered.Krishna is the perfect solution giver to all problems not because he is God but of his values and virtues.He countered Shakuni multi laterally through any means if it satisfies greater good.Krishna is a perfect utilitarian by himself.This greater good consciousness made him ahead of the curve when compared to Shakuni.

Bhishma values system was incapable of handling Shakuni.Krishna order deleveraged Shakuni tactics.

We can write on and on about many incidents in this epic but I want to limit myself just to the value perspective.

This epic is different to different readers.I don't want to spoil that.

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