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Mental models for life - I

Life is connecting the pixels

When you want a clear picture of your life, just think of it as a screen with pixels(dots). With more pixels, you get more clarity in the picture. Denser dots gives deeper pictures and sparsed dots gives the broader picture.

Simple narratives are not equal to simple solutions

If your solution to any particular problem is not simple, then it is not at all the solution. The problem with the world is that it makes narratives simpler and solutions complex.

Don't get into dialectics

When I first studied Marx, I thought the whole world works on the principle of Dialectical(i.e something exists because opposites exist). Later on, I realized that it is a trap because reality is not binary but on a greyscale.

Planning and preparations are different

Planning makes you anxious but preparations make you bliss. Note down all the evil things that can happen, prepare to face it. This is called 'Inversion'

We do not travel through life but navigate it

See your life depends on others and vice versa and you can't control everybody's actions. You can only navigate and dodge them.No point in controlling them.

Life is randomised controlled environment

Each and every person who comes across your life has agenda. Their purposes intersect with yours and this, in turn, creates new events in your life. By the time you realize the cause, you get moved on to the next random event.

Have real friendships

By real friendships, I mean not digital but tangible and trustworthy. This can't be planned and it should be organic.

Prioritize family and not work

We work for family and not the other way around. If there is one thing that equates to endurance limit, then it is family perseverance.

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