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Mental models for life - II

Knowledge and Consciousness is different

Knowledge is like holding a battery torch and seeing things. This won't give you a full clear picture because the torch has limited vision and power. This torch helps you survive by seeing things on the sight. But Consciousness is like a lightning strike that shows you whole things within a spark of seconds.

Consciousness is a two-way process. First, we need to know our knowledge is limited and second preparing ourselves to see what lighting shows.

Lightning happens out of the blue and it is very momentarily. The least we can do is alert and grab the opportunity. The moment you see things the way they are is called 'Realization'

There is no such thing called Big Decision

Talk to anybody or self retrospect your life, you will realize there is no such thing called one Big Decision that changes your life. Life is made up of infinite small decisions we make day-to-day. These decisions accumulate together and compounding happens. Because of this, it gives you the illusion of one big decision.

Talking opposite is not intellectual

Every human being seeks recognition and it is natural. But the recognition must be organic. When you speak the opposite of someone's idea, it doesn't mean you are intellectual and need to be recognized. First, understand the system and have a clear mind.

You don't have to be opinionated

When you do not know anything, admit the fact that you do not know. Nothing wrong with not being opinionated.

Surround yourself with non toxic people

This is self-explanatory.

When you seek validations and reasons for whatever happens in your life, you will end up in infinite possibilities. This will make your life hell.

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