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When you are supposed to sleep but you didn't get sleep, you will get thoughts that may seem irrelevant sometimes. If you observe all the thoughts, it is just a connection of information that we fed to the brain.

Our mind is a machine that connects all the information available in every possible manner. This job of connectivity works the most when the brain doesn't occupy it with other work. That's why people say "Idle mind is devil's paradise".

Creativity = Foolishness = Different way of connecting the information

Most of the inventions or creativity from humans are the result of the weird connectivity of information in the mind particularly inspired by nature.

This inquisitiveness leads me to the next big question 'Why inventors/creators are meagre though the idle mind is plenty?'. I believe the answer to the question lies in the Pareto principle

Pareto principle?

This is also called the 80-20 principle. Take for instance Instagram - if you observe there are 20% creators and the rest 80% will be consumers. Many businesses thrive because 80% of the revenue comes form 20% of their products. Income inequality(wealth distribution) which many people protest is actually Pareto distributed. Even the marriages are Pareto distributed(80% failure and 20% success)

Why the heck is this principle?

Frankly, I don't know. One thing is for sure whatever humans create (artificial) is Pareto distributed. We need to leverage this as humans because our 20% of information will generate 80% of our result/thoughts.

Many people say we are fortunate enough to live in this information age but there is a caveat and it is what kind of information we feed. This is a totally controllable one if we realize it in this infinite information world.

After all, we are humans just like any other species in the world whose real purpose is to have food, sex and selfishness. Therefore everything that comes naturally is Normally distributed

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