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Planning is not moving forward rather working from backwards.

Success is not achieved by increasing the chances of success but by decreasing the chances of failure. Sounds the same right? well, actually not! Let me explain.

How do we define success?

Is it money, satisfaction, brand, limelight etc? No, they are not the definition. These are all indicators extended from success.

We will dig deeper. Almost everything in this world exists because of opposites. For example,

  • Good and Bad

  • God and Evil

  • Hell and Heaven

  • Love and Hate

  • Liberals and Conservative

  • Right and Left

One thing to note here is without one other wouldn't have existed. That is Good exists because of Bad and vice versa. I can be 100% certain that Good is not Bad.

So true definition of anything would be that it is not the opposite because that is the real purpose of its existence.

Success exists because it is not Failure

It may sound obvious to many but we are not applying this in real life. We always plan to succeed and our plan is mostly based on indicators like money, limelight etc. Instead, we should plan based on failure.

Mistakes are inevitable in this world and at the end of the day person with fewer mistakes succeed.

Sports is not about winning but an effort to reduce mistakes.
When sport is played, the team with lesser mistakes naturally win over other teams with higher mistakes.

Apply this to your life or business or career. When you plan anything in your life, list out possible failures that can happen. This is a comparatively easier task compared to tracing successes, as failures are finite and many people failed in this world. Try avoiding those failures consciously and when you avoid you will eventually land in a place called 'Success'

Moving from asking 'How can I achieve success to How can I avoid failure' is the key.

Remember: Success is not inevitable but failure is!

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